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dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Cyberbullying

When veterinary clients and internet trolls gang up on private practitioners, the effects can hurt business, harm reputations and damage psyches of those on the receiving end of cyberbullying. In this series, experts share tools and plans to help avoid internet rampages, deal with them when they crop up, and help make veterinarians and veterinary team members more resilient when people go on the verbal attack. ...

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Clinical updates

6 tips for managing canine and feline diabetes

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 08, 2018

Some knowledge to help you master this endocrine disorder—and save your veterinary patients’ lives.

Avoid radiographic errors in your veterinary cases: Obtain multiple views

VETTED - Nov 08, 2018

It's easy to be convinced of a diagnosis by a single two-dimensional image. Get the whole picture by obtaining additional angles.

Journal Scan: Screening shelter cats for ringworm doesn’t have to take forever

VETTED - Nov 07, 2018

Usually found in shelter situations, dermatophytosis can be hard to diagnose before cats are released to their new homes. Is there a better way than fungal culture?

Ease the dis-ease of old age in pets


An end-of-life veterinary care expert tells you what breaks her heart and shares practical tips for your practice to help ease the problems clients may face in their pets' last years.

Senior diets: Do they live up to the hype?


Only have a few moments to discuss nutrition with senior pet clients? These veterinary nutrition pros have your talking points.


Putting the shine back in the golden years for pets with cognitive dysfunction

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 02, 2018

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Julia Albright shares tips for helping senior pets live their best lives, and helping clients through difficult periods of clinical signs like nighttime waking.

Beyond the burrito: How to handle aggressive cats


Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Lisa Radosta shares tips for dealing with antagonistic tabbies.

Minimally invasive ways to bring Fear Free to veterinary surgery

VETTED - Oct 11, 2018

Tips for reducing fear, anxiety and stress in your surgical patients (and the people who own them).

3 products for better dog walks

FIRSTLINE - Oct 03, 2018

Animal trainer and behavior consultant Mikkel Becker shares some of her favorite products for making dog walking better for both the pooch and the veterinary client.

These tools were made for (dog) walkin’


A walk in the park should be just that for both the dog and the owner. Read up on these leash, harness and halter options so you’ll be ready to help your veterinary clients find the finest fits for their canine companions.

Personal finances for associates

Don't be scared of money

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 14, 2018

You’re not "in it for the money" as a veterinary professional, but you can't ignore the fact that you need money to keep practices open and you working. This year, make a New Year's resolution (or two or three) to better manage your personal accounts, your career and your practice finances this year.

Generation Debt (or not)

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 08, 2018

Before you judge your colleagues, take a long, hard look at our survey data on the educational debt they carry and why it might be limiting their choices ... and, overall, bumming them out.

Personal accounts: A week of overtime and a little play time

FIRSTLINE - Nov 05, 2018

In an effort to pay off her student loan by the end of the year, this technician and her husband watch spending carefully and still find moments to splurge.

Tackling veterinary student debt: 1-hour webinar - Oct 22, 2018

Get an hour of CE credit as you learn the first steps to curbing debt’s control over your life so it doesn’t curb your enthusiasm for this amazing profession.

Veterinary internships: Examining their value in an era of six-figure debt

VETTED - Oct 18, 2018

If a new graduate wants to to spread her wings in a structured learning environment, the cost of delayed earning may be too high—unless she plans to transform into a specialist.