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Associate know-how

VETTED: Jun 14, 2018
Want to make sure that document you’ve labored over lands you your dream job? Follow these edicts.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 14, 2018
Veterinary professionals are falling victim to vicious online attacks from pet owners and advocacy groups. Find out how to protect yourself from an attack—and what to do if one occurs.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jun 08, 2018
People ask me why I pay to volunteer to provide veterinary services thousands of miles from home. My simple answer? Because it makes me feel good.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jun 06, 2018
LiveDVM offers virtual appointments to pet owners and a business opportunity for veterinarians.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: May 08, 2018
When Dr. Codger invites Dr. Greenskin to a morning meeting, the young associate fears she’ll get eaten for breakfast for dismissing the bully technician the old-timer can’t live without.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 28, 2018
Noncompete terms are the gifts that keep on giving well after you leave a veterinary practice. If you’re hoping to get out of yours, here’s a picture of how that could go—as well as some words of advice.
VETTED: Apr 27, 2018
Feeling like you made a mistake becoming a veterinarian? You’re not alone—and you’ll get over it.
Corporate medicine, client interactions and stress management: Three Fetch dvm360 speakers have some strong opinions about what the nation’s veterinary schools could be doing to prepare their graduates for life on the outside …
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 18, 2018
This study by the Student AVMA shows that veterinary students want personal finance and business education in school from professors and guest lecturers. Are today’s schools doing all they can to make that happen?
source-image Apr 13, 2018
Get an hour of CE credit on a more expansive way to think of life changes as well as how to manage change at both the personal and veterinary practice levels.