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Articles by Julie Scheidegger

Wild horse population projected to reach catastrophic levels

Oct 15, 2013

Economic and political challenges abound in efforts to manage horses on public lands.

Researchers: Circovirus not primary cause of Midwest mystery illness

Oct 11, 2013

Investigators continue to seek explanation for canine cases in Ohio, Michigan.

Fla. veterinary school professor arrested for secretly recording female students

Sep 24, 2013

Don Samuelson confesses to making recordings for sexual arousal.

Tennessee walking horse group finally accepts federal soring protocol

Sep 16, 2013

S.H.O.W horse industry organization carries out inspections in conjunction with USDA veterinary medical officers during National Celebration event.

President of the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners sues state VMA

Sep 13, 2013

Battle continues to wage on in veterinary community.

Graduation levels hold the line

Sep 1, 2013

But the total number of new veterinary graduates could jump 18 percent by 2017.

Continued delays for veterinarians in GHLIT health insurance exchange enrollment

Sep 1, 2013

Veterinary members will have to wait until Oct. 1 for 2014 policies.

Opponents of equine slaughter take fight to court and Congress

Aug 23, 2013

Federal judge issues temporary restraining order suspending commencement of horse slaughter operations in the U.S.

Groups call on PETA to reduce high euthanasia rate

Aug 22, 2013

PETA contends it's offering humane option for animals turned away by no-kill shelters.



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