Articles by Michael Paul, DVM - Veterinary Healthcare


Articles by Michael Paul, DVM

The human-human bond

Mar 1, 2012

Veterinarians have always been recognized as animal lovers.

Market Watch: What do you want from me?

Feb 1, 2012

Try these 11 tips to ensure your practice is exceptional.

Market Watch: Risk assessment as a tool for vaccine decisions

Jan 1, 2012

Why noncore vaccination may be a misnomer, depending on a pet's situation.

Market Watch: Parasites and their impact on the human-animal bond

Nov 1, 2011

Parasites have always existed, but owner awareness has greatly increased as the human-animal bond has expanded.

Re-establish your veterinarian role as teacher to boost visits and revenue

Oct 1, 2011

Make eye contact. Shake hands. Get to know your clients, and become the trusted veterinary authority you should be.

Analyze this! Back to basics to boost client visits

Sep 1, 2011

Take a close look at how competitive veterinary market pressures call for changes in education, pricing, and a renewed commitment to client relationships

Parasite control in pets requires year-round vigilance

May 1, 2008

Pets presented for complaints associated with some pathology of their skin — such as pruritis, abnormalities of keratinization, alopecia and other abnormalities both primary and secondary — comprise a large percentage of cases seen by veterinarians.

Profession should not rely on vaccines as an annual method to see patients

Jul 1, 2003

In light of the recently released American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Guidelines, many questions have arisen among veterinarians and the public in general.



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