Articles by Karen E. Felsted, DVM, CPA, CVPM, MS - Veterinary Healthcare


Articles by Karen E. Felsted, DVM, CPA, CVPM, MS

Charging the groomer rent

Feb 1, 2008

Q. I'm opening a veterinary practice with grooming services. The groomer wants to lease a room monthly, but I'm not sure how much to charge for rent. Do I charge base rent plus a percentage of her production?

The new generation of low-value practices

Nov 1, 2007

Owners, make sure buyers purchase your practices at a good price.

Discontinuing discounts

Oct 1, 2007

I'm negotiating the purchase of the practice where I'm employed. The current owner gives discounts to almost everyone—senior citizens, shelters, friends, and clients with multiple pets. How do I reduce the amount of services being given away without alienating a large number of clients?

Come-from-behind communication

Jun 1, 2007

Are your conversational skills lagging in the stretch? Use these tips to pull ahead by overcoming problems and winning clients' respect.

Add some bling to your bottom line

May 1, 2007

Polish up your approach to providing these five services, and show clients you're all about good medicine.

Weekend work

Feb 1, 2007

I already work a few Saturdays a month and now my boss wants more!

The lay of the land

Dec 1, 2006

Is it important to consider demographic data when choosing a location to open a new practice? How can I obtain this data?

Part-time possibilities

Jun 1, 2006

Q. How many hours can an associate work and still be considered part-time? Do on-call hours count?

Bundle-of-joy benefits

May 1, 2006

"When deciding on a maternity leave policy, you need to consider the legal requirements as well as the total benefits package you want to offer," says Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member Dr. Karen Felsted, CPA, MS, CVPM, a consultant at Brakke Consulting Inc. in Dallas.



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