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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

NAVC panelists address veterinary workforce trends, student debt

Mar 1, 2010

Orlando — How insidious is escalating veterinary student debt?

AKC registrations continue to decline

Mar 1, 2010

While new laws are closing puppy mills, they also are putting reputable breeders out of business.

Parvo outbreak runs through Conn. shelters

Feb 25, 2010

A parvo outbreak has area veterinarians concerned that it might be spreading.

Periodontal disease data released

Feb 12, 2010

New Banfield study identifies animals most at risk.

Competition looms, but so do opportunities

Nov 1, 2009

Dr. John Albers readies his departure from AAHA, but still believes in his profession.

Pfizer begins integration of Fort Dodge

Oct 26, 2009

New York -- Pfizer finalized its acquisition of Wyeth's Fort Dodge Animal Health, making it the biggest player in the animal-health market. And today a second piece of the deal was unveiled.

AAHA readies for consumer advertising push on Animal Planet in 2010

Oct 25, 2009

Denver -- The American Animal Hospital Association plans to kick off a $1 million, eight-month consumer advertising campaign on Animal Planet in January.

Banfield chief sees slow recovery for animal-health market

Oct 1, 2009

John Payne, president and CEO of Banfield, The Pet Hospital, thinks the worst is behind but doesn't foresee a dramatic or fast recovery for the animal-health market. He addressed about 100 leaders in the veterinary medical market at the 2009 Pet Health Care Industry Summit in Portland, Ore.

Shrader calls on profession to help guide policy decisions in Washington

Oct 1, 2009

U.S. Rep. Kurt Shrader (D-Ore.), DVM, has been pulled into a number of discussions in Congress regarding public health, food safety and legislation targeting workforce expansion for veterinarians and calls on other DVMs and veterinary associations for input on policy decisions.



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