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Articles by Rachael Whitcomb

Rachael Whitcomb

Associate Editor

Rachael Whitcomb joined the DVM Newsmagazine staff in May 2008 as news editor. Prior to joining DVM, she worked as an associate editor at an environmental trade publication and in newspapers. Her experience includes reporting on government, education, crime and feature news, as well as graphic design and Web site management.

Since joining DVM Newsmagazine, Rachael has covered a wide range of issues, including practice management issues and changing market trends. She also maintains the news portion of the DVM Web site,

Rachael has a bachelors degree in journalism from Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She resides in a suburb of Cleveland with her husband, Doug. They welcomed their first child, Joshua, in August 2010, and are expecting their second child in June 2012. The family shares their home with their dog Emma, and two cats, Fiona and Zoe. Rachael left DVM Newsmagazine in April 2012 to work on two healthcare publications, owned by DVM's parent company Advanstar Communications.

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