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Articles by Kerry Hillard Johnson

Kerry Hillard Johnson

There's no "I" in team
September 1, 2011

We've been hitting the topic of veterinary team meetings pretty hard lately.

On top of the veterinary numbers game
August 1, 2011

The August issue's survey data lets you peek inside more than 400 veterinary practices.

Common threads
July 1, 2011

Finding a way to hook up with kindred spirits is positive, regardless of whether the link is clothes, Klingons, or veterinary medicine

Commentary: Will you give basement-level client care?
June 1, 2011

The dentist's chair: That's where I was when the tornado sirens sounded recently. The situation was most unpleasant. It's not like my jaw was numb and the drill was spinning. I was only in for a cleaning. Still, I can think of more comfortable places to be when disaster literally looms in the air.

6 ways to up veterinary technicians' professional cred
June 1, 2011

Just because veterinary technicians get credentialed doesn't mean they get extra respect. Here's how to make technician credentials really worth something.

Commentary: The comforts of home
May 1, 2011

In-home sales parties can be a good reminder for how you should be connecting with clients.

Special report from NAVC: Update on NAVTA's veterinary assistant certification
January 18, 2011

The first NAVTA-approved veterinary assistant examination will be administered this spring.

3 (unconventional) keys to surviving an economic downturn
January 16, 2011

In a presentation yesterday at the North American Veterinary Conference, Shawn McVey recommended creating a culture of learning to improve practice finances.

Parasite prevention tip from the North American Veterinary Conference
January 16, 2011

The way team members talk to clients has a lot to do with whether pets will suffer from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites.


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