Avoid this radiography communication mistake


Avoid this radiography communication mistake

Let veterinary clients know that "we didn't find anything" can be a good report.
Apr 27, 2018

Your clients are hungry for information when their pets are sick. Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Betsy Charles, DVM, MA, believes you should be "as thorough as possible when discussing diagnostic test results, even if there's no there there. For example, if all you've learned from a radiograph is that there is no foreign body contributing to the patient's presentation, instead of leaving it at "we didn't find anything," she says you should elaborate.

"I would rather you say, 'This gave us really great information because we know that we can rule out some things,'" she says.

This lets the pet owner know that more investigation is necessary and also reassures them that the diagnostic measure was worthwhile.

Watch the video for more from Dr. Charles.

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