CAPC Forecast Maps 2014 – Heartworm

Jul 17, 2014
By staff

Heartworm disease is still a serious threat to dogs and cats in the United States. By tracking key factors the CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps can predict the risk of dirofilariasis in the country. This update gives some of the following key findings.

> An active season is forecasted for the United States

> Higher than normal levels of infection across the southern region of the country including Texas, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and the eastern area of North Carolina

> Higher than normal levels of infection on the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Seattle

> Higher than normal levels of infection along the southern portions of the Ohio River and the eastern Missouri River

CAPC has been collecting data and developing the CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps since 2011. The methodology is similar to that used by NOAA for hurricane forecasts. Millions of data points are tracked and combined with factors such as temperature, elevation, precipitation and population density to predict the risk of vector-borne diseases like dirofiliariasis, which can be a serious threat to a dog’s health. The CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps provide veterinarians with a client education tool to support year-round protection against parasites. To see the 2014 CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps and learn more about Heartworm, go to