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Expert parasitology tips

CAPC predicts spread of heartworm and Lyme disease in 2018

Apr 27, 2018

Annual forecast from Companion Animal Parasite Council based on weather patterns and other factors affecting disease activity.

Mapping the risks: Lyme disease

Sep 11, 2017

Use CAPC's maps and dvm360's videos, handouts, and ready-made social media posts to help your veterinary care team in your client education efforts on Lyme disease.

Mapping the risks: Canine heartworm infection

Aug 08, 2017

Up-to-date CAPC maps can help your veterinary care team in your client education efforts on heartworm—are you using them?

Use an old-school whiteboard to inform pet owners of local risks

Mar 13, 2017

Data on ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworms can provide a public service to your veterinary clients—and help protect your patients.

CTC Key Findings: Biased Consumer –Communicating with Today’s Web Savvy Clients

Jul 07, 2015

Product and service decisions are being made independently at home

CTC Key Findings: Talking with Clients – Drive Visits with Parasite Alerts

Jul 07, 2015

Pet owners want quick, concise information on parasites

Figure this: Fleas

Jun 24, 2015

Fleas are frustrating, for all involved. But we wonder, is there a communication gap between practitioners and clients that could be making the fight against fleas even worse?

CTC Study Key Findings: The Power of Alerts

Apr 13, 2015

Your clients want to know up-to-date parasite risks.

How to Use CAPC Updates to Engage Clients

Apr 13, 2015

Practice, community, pets benefit from local parasite updates.

Veterinary practices benefit from educating clients about parasites

Mar 10, 2015

Pertinent information puts pet owners in your practice.