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Expert parasitology tips

Veterinary practices benefit from educating clients about parasites

Mar 10, 2015

Pertinent information puts pet owners in your practice.

Educate your veterinary clients with the CAPC iPad app

Mar 10, 2015

Pet owners are eager to learn about parasite risks; give them what they want with this tool.

Tick of the Month: Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

Dec 01, 2014

High elevation doesn't mean low tick risk.

Tick of the Month: Deer Tick

Oct 31, 2014

This "underhanded" pest is a threat, transmitting several diseases.

Tick of the month: Brown Dog Tick

Oct 13, 2014

From Alaska to Florida, the brown dog tick is a pest for all seasons.

Checking for heartworm disease

Oct 13, 2014

Thorough testing helps keep more pets protected from heartworm disease.

On the Road Again: Protecting Pets from Parasite Wherever They Go

Oct 10, 2014

Safeguard those vacationing furry friends.

CAPC Tick of the Month: Western blacklegged ticks

Sep 18, 2014

Think that because summer is over you can stop worrying about ticks? Dr. Mike Dryden explains when and where you should be looking for Western blacklegged ticks.

Tick personalities: From friendly to sinister

Sep 18, 2014

You may never have considered that tick genera have personalities but Dr. Susan Little has. She may not have given them a Rorschach's inkblot test, but she does give us some insight into their personalities, which also gives us insight into what to expect in an infestation.

Companion Animal Parasite Council Forecast Map 2014—Lyme

Aug 19, 2014

The CAPC Parasite Forecast Maps track millions of data points and factors such as temperature, elevations, precipitation, and population density to predict the risk of vector-borne diseases. This update on Lyme give you the key findings.