CAPC Tick of the Month round-up


CAPC Tick of the Month round-up

It's time to get in tick-talk shape.
Feb 11, 2016
By staff

So many tick types! But no worries. Revisit the Companion Animal Parasite Council's Ticks of the Month and get all the disease-carrying details:

Lone star tick
This tick is expanding its range and the risk for vector-borne diseases.

American dog tick
This tick, a primary vector for several diseases, can even be found in your veterinary clients' backyards.

Gulf Coast tick
As this tick's range increases, so does the risk for American canine hepatozoonosis.

Spinose ear tick
The tick that will make you scream.

Western blacklegged ticks
When and where you should be looking for Western blacklegged ticks.

Brown dog tick
The tick that wants to be a flea.

Deer tick 
This "underhanded" pest is a threat, transmitting several diseases.

Rocky Mountain wood tick
High elevation doesn't mean low tick risk.