Case 13


Case 13

May 07, 2013
By staff

Olivia’s owner phones you two days later to let you know that Olivia is drinking 1.2 L of water a day. Given her weight, her water consumption should not exceed 680 ml in a 24-hour period, so she is clearly polydipsic. It is also likely that her urinary accidents may be related to polyuria as well.

Given Olivia’s age and presenting clinical signs, which group of differential diagnoses would most likely explain the polyuria/polydipsia (PU/PD?)

a) Hyperadrenocorticism, renal failure, neoplasia

b) Liver disease, urinary tract infection, hypoadrenocorticism

c) Iatrogenic cause, diabetes mellitus, pyometra

d) Dietary change, postobstructive diuresis

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