Case 4


Case 4

Dec 07, 2010
By staff

Miss Kitty is a 10-year-old spayed female domestic shorthaired cat.

Miss Kitty is seeing you because of an acute onset of vomiting. Her owner says that Miss Kitty has been drinking more water in the last couple of weeks. She also has experienced some intermittent vomiting but vomited three times in one hour this morning. You notice that she has lost 2 lb since her last visit a year ago and currently weighs 8 lb. She is the only cat in the house, is strictly indoors, and is not receiving any long-term medications. There have been no recent diet changes and no known toxin or foreign body exposure.

Physical examination findings
• BAR, T – 100.3 F, RR – 40 breaths/min, HR – 200 beats/min, 5% to 7% dehydrated
• Oral examination – grade 3 periodontal disease, pink mucous membranes
• No thyroid nodule palpable
• Heart and lungs normal, no murmur auscultated but is tachycardic
• Abdomen – doughy, nonpainful; bowel loops palpate normally; no bladder palpable
• Body condition score 4/9, dry coat
• Rest of examination is normal

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