Case 6


Case 6

Apr 21, 2011
By staff

Roxy is a 4-year-old female spayed Yorkshire terrier.

Roxy's owners have noticed that she is losing weight. Her appetite seems to be about the same, and she is the only dog in the house. She has received a commercial maintenance dry food since she was about 1 year old. She has not exhibited any vomiting, but she has loose stools intermittently. Her stools are normal at this time. She is not receiving any medications, and her owners have not noticed any change in her water intake.

Physical examination findings
• Temperature is normal; she is tachycardic (probably because she is nervous), and her respiratory rate is normal
• Weight—4.8 kg (down from 5.5 kg at her last visit six months ago)
• Gums are slightly tacky but pink; mild dental tartar
• Thoracic auscultation is normal
• BCS of 4/9; a dry, flaky coat
• Abdominal palpation findings are normal
• Remainder of examination findings are unremarkable

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