Clarification: Idea Exchange: Sometimes you can judge a bottle by its wrapping

Jul 01, 2008
By staff

The idea "Sometimes you can judge a bottle by its wrapping" (April 2008) described using colored Vetwrap (3M) to identify plastic bottles in the lab and exam rooms instead of using ink since ink smears when it gets wet. Such wrapping would indeed help identify the contents at a glance but would, by itself, be a violation of OSHA's secondary container regulations. This regulation states that any substance that is in a container other than its original one—including alcohol, peroxide, or even soap—must have a secondary container label with hazard communication information clearly listed.

Our practice has resolved the smeared secondary container label issue by printing out the required label information and laminating it. Then we tape the new label to the secondary container.

Following this regulation will keep OSHA inspectors happy, keep claims of unknown exposure to chemicals by our employees to a minimum, and, most important, keep everyone in our offices more informed and safe.

Dr. Bert Platt
Rock Hill, S.C.