ClinQuiz: Implementing the American Animal Hospital Association's Anesthesia Guidelines (Sponsored by Abbott Animal Health) Answer 1A

Nov 30, 2012
By staff

1 A. — Correct!

The recognized anesthetic concerns for this dog include a moderately advanced age (its age would be geriatric for most breeds), suspected mild cardiac disease, and pain management needed for the anticipated dental extractions.

Without further cardiac evaluation, it remains uncertain, but the heart murmur is possibly attributable to mitral valvular insufficiency. This patient could be at risk for heart failure. Therefore, fluid therapy should be limited, but not so restricted that it jeopardizes tissue perfusion, blood pressure, and renal function. Maintaining appropriate preload, heart rate, and cardiac output are important goals.

The level of pain associated with the procedure will depend on the need for extractions. The need for effective pain management should be anticipated. (For more on pain management, see the AAHA Anesthesia Guidelines Toolkit.)

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