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October 2013

With the popular Veterinary Medicine Clinical Techniqes Course offerings, you get hands-on training from specialists in areas ranging from ultrasound procedures to ophthalmic surgery.

Schedule of Clinical Techniques Courses

October 2013

View a schedule of the CVC hands-on Clinical Techniques Courses.

Specialty Focus

October 2013

The CVC San Diego offers this Specialty Focus course.

Advanced Stifle Repair Lectures and Lab: TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) — Sponsored by SECUROS

October 2013

Are you ready to move to the next level in cranial cruciate repair or are you hoping to refine your technique? This one-day interactive course is taught by a veterinary orthopedic expert.

Focus on Dentistry: Nerve Blocks for Dental Procedures

October 2013

Learn the indication for and benefits of using nerve blocks to offer the best patient care in your dental program.

Surgical Solutions: Cruciate Ligament Repair - Lateral Imbrication Technique

October 2013

Join orthopedic specialists to familiarize yourself with pertinent stifle anatomy and the techniques for stabilizing this joint in a patient with a cruciate ligament tear.

Focus on Dentistry: Digital Dental Imaging

October 2013

Discover the nuances of correctly positioning your patient and propely aligning your dental sensor, and learn how to obtain excellent dental radiographs.

Surgical Solutions: Patellar Luxation Stabilization

October 2013

Join an orthopedice specialist to focus on the causes, pathology, and treatment of patellar luxation.

Specialty Focus: Abdominal Ultrasonography

October 2013

Uncover the secrets of ultrasonography excellence, and build your practice with more skill and experience in diagnostic technology.


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