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December 2014

With the popular Veterinary Medicine Clinical Techniqes Course offerings, you get hands-on training from specialists in areas ranging from ultrasound procedures to ophthalmic surgery.

Schedule of Clinical Techniques Courses

December 2014

View a schedule of the CVC hands-on Clinical Techniques Courses.

Specialty Focus

December 2014

The CVC San Diego offers an intensive two-day Specialty Focus course.

Advanced Stifle Repair Lectures and Lab: TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) — Sponsored by SECUROS

December 2014

Are you ready to move to the next level in cranial cruciate repair or are you hoping to refine your technique? This one-day interactive course is taught by a veterinary orthopedic expert.

Focus on Dentistry: Nerve Blocks for Dental Procedures

October 2013

Learn the indication for and benefits of using nerve blocks to offer the best patient care in your dental program.

Digital Dental Imaging

December 2014

Discover the nuances of correctly positioning your patient and propely aligning your dental sensor, and learn how to obtain excellent dental radiographs.

Essential Orthopedic Surgeries in Dogs

December 2014

Review and practice indispensable veterinary orthopedic surgeries for your canine patients that require surgical intervention.

Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Cats

December 2014

Learn the basics or tweak your techniques for some of the most needed soft tissue surgeries in your feline patients.

Eyelid and Corneal Repair Surgeries

December 2014

Ophthalamologists provide step-by-step instruction on entropion correction, eyelid reconstruction, gland replacement and much more!


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