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CVC in San Diego - Special events

San Diego Welcome Reception Pep Rally

December 2014

Don't miss the CVC San Diego Welcome Reception!

Fun for all: Take a San Diego tour

October 2013

Looking for fun and excitement in San Diego? Register for a special CVC tour or check out the attractions on your own.

Advanced Stifle Repair Lectures and Lab: TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) — Sponsored by SECUROS

December 2014

Are you ready to move to the next level in cranial cruciate repair or are you hoping to refine your technique? This one-day interactive course is taught by a veterinary orthopedic expert.

Additional Meetings

December 2014

View the additional meetings held in conjunction with the CVC San Diego.

Sponsored symposia

December 2014

All registrants are invited to attend these sponsored presentations in addition to the CVC San Diego seminars.

Light years ahead: Class IV Laser Therapy Symposium — Sponsored by Companion Therapy Laser

December 2014

Join us for this popular and enlightening seminar on laser therapy: a powerful, non-invasive technique for addressing acute and chronic pain, inflammation, and wound healing. This seminar includes the science of therapeutic lasers and laser-tissue interaction, as well as a practical review of everyday conditions that benefit from laser therapy.

Pain Management Symposium; Sponsored by Elanco Animal Health

October 2013

Pain management symposium

1 World, 1 Health, 1 Medicine: A Global Shift to Patient Wellness; Sponsored by Standard Process

October 2013

The world?s divergent medical cultures are linked by the same medicinal needs, underscoring a need for a collaborative effort toward a new world health mission. Join Dr. Hancock for a nutritious lunch and healthy discussion of this idea and its application to practicing innovative veterinary medicine.

Donate at the Blood Drive

May 2014

Give the gift of life — donate blood.


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