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CVC in Kansas City - Wet labs

Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Dogs

August 2014

Enroll in this course and enhance your skills in some of the most frequently needed soft tissue surgeries in your canine patients.

Digital Dental Imaging

August 2014

Participate in this Clinical Techniques Course and gain the information and hands-on practice needed to consistently obtain excellent dental radiographs.

Stifle Stabilization after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture

August 2014

Learn and practice techniques for stablilizing the stifle after a cranial cruciate ligament injury.

The Cooperative Practice: Low-Stress Patient Restraint and Enrichment Techniques

August 2014

Why not ease the stress that your anxious, frightened, or difficult-to-handle patients feel? Discover how to make veterinary visits, exanimations, procedures, and hospitalizations easier on your staff, you and your clients.

Dental Essentials in Dogs and Cats

August 2014

The most commonly requested dental procedures are combined in this all-day hands-on Clinical Techniques Course.

Advanced Stifle Repair Lecture and Lab: XGEN TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)* Sponsored by SECUROS

August 2014

This laboratory is designed for the veterinarian who wishes to learn/refine the TTA technique and to understand the major advantages of the XGEN ?forkless? TTA system.

Stabilization Techniques for Luxating Patellas

August 2014

Join an orthopedic specialist to focus on the causes, pathology, and treatment of patellar luxation, as well as postoperative patient care.

Surgical Solutions: Fundamental Soft Tissue Surgeries in Dogs and Cats

August 2013

Learn the basics or tweak your techniques for some of the most frequently needed soft tissue surgeries. Cystotomy, anal sacculectomy, hernia repair, and much more!


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