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Jun 01, 2001
Dr. Alice Jeromin tackles diagnosing and managing genetic skin diseases such as sebaceous adentitis (SA) and canine familial dermatomyositis (DMS).
DVM360 MAGAZINE: May 01, 2001
I love word derivations. For example, "hepato" means liver and "cutaneous" denotes skin. Quickly tying the two together, one is suspicious of a relationship between the two organs.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 01, 2001
Although recognizing a bacterial pyoderma in a canine patient is relatively easy, eradicating the pyoderma can be difficult.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jan 01, 2001
As we all know, dermatology is a very "visual" science. But what you see is only a part of what is actually occurring.