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Diagnostic procedures

DVM360 MAGAZINE: May 01, 2001
Throughout history, the study of urine has unlocked diagnostic clues in human, animal disease
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 01, 2001

The Greek term "iatros" means physician, and is derived from the word "iasthai", which means to heal or cure.

In modern usage "iatro" connotes a relationship to medical or surgical treatments. The term iatrogenic contains the root word "iatros," and the root word "gennan" which means "to create or produce".

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Feb 01, 2001
Interpretation of color is subjective, and therefore varies from person to person. The most reliable results are obtained when a standardized method is consistently used. Urine color should be evaluated by placing a standardized volume of urine in a standardized clear plastic or glass container and viewing the sample against a white background with the aid of a good light source.