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AVMA: Lobby your senator to pass the Farm Bill

November 20, 2007

Washington - 11/20/07 - In an effort to get the bogged down Farm Bill passed with its veterinary-related amendments, the American Veterinary Medical Association's political arm wants DVMs to contact their senators.

Senate to debate Farm Bill today; framework contains veterinary issues

November 6, 2007

Washington - 11/6/07 - The Farm Bill is scheduled to hit the U.S. Senate floor this afternoon, opening up a policy debate on farming issues and a handful of topics related to veterinary medicine.


USDA chief resigns, Senate campaign may be in the future

September 22, 2007

Washington - 9/22/07 - United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced his resignation earlier this week and is expected to soon announce plans of running for a Senate seat.


Senate passes workforce expansion act

September 1, 2007

Washington — Senate lawmakers cleared the way for a modified version of the Veterinary Public Health Workforce Expansion Act, passing it as an amendment to the Higher Education Authorization Bill.


Pet owners could sue for companionship loss if New Jersey bill passes

July 1, 2007

TRENTON, N.J. — A pending New Jersey bill allowing pet owners to seek loss-of-companionship damages for animals killed or injured by contaminated feed could be a steppingstone to veterinarian vulnerability to similar claims, a veterinary organization warns.


Dog bite prevention resolution considered by Congress

June 5, 2007

SHAUMBURG, Ill. - 6/5/07 - The 4.7 million people bitten by dogs in 2006 spurred the creation of a tri-sponsored Dog Bite Prevention Week and introduction of a Congressional resolution, by U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, to recognize the week and prevent future dog bites.


Improve tracking, reporting, labeling of pet foods, DVMs tell Senate panel

May 1, 2007

Washington — An improved system of tracking pet-food ingredients from the point of origin to the point of utilization, a better system of reporting contaminants and a truth-in-labeling initiative are steps that might go a long way toward preventing another pet-food crisis of the magnitude the nation is experiencing.


Colo. Alternative-care bill derailed for lack of 1 vote

May 1, 2007

Denver, Colo. — One vote defeated Colorado HB 1296 and decided the fate of lay practitioners who, at least for now, must continue to seek veterinary referral and supervision before treating animals.

Congress members call for answers on recalled pet foods

April 4, 2007

National Report - 4/4/07 - Members of Congress are joining a rapidly expanding hue and cry over last month's recall of tainted pet foods, with at least three lawmakers demanding answers from the Food and Drug Administration and Menu Foods.


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