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Avi Blake, DVM

Avi Blake, DVM

Highlights in feline dermatology
October 1, 2011

A grab-bag of interesting skin diseases in cats from the CVC.

What does that cytology report really tell veterinarians?
December 1, 2010

Do we all interpret cytology findings the same way?

Clarifying canine tooth resorption
December 1, 2010

When veterinarians think about tooth resorption, the image is generally of a feline patient.

Trends and best practices for patients with acute renal failure
August 1, 2010

A Q&A with veterinary internist Barrak Pressler

Cushing's disease and other adrenal gland disorders
June 1, 2010

A Q&A with veterinary endocrinologist Edward C. Feldman


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