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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Mar 1, 2007
Illinois law to benefit pet owners in disasters
By Krista Schultz
Naperville, Ill.–– Illinois joins nine other states in passing a law requiring emergency measures to accommodate the needs of pet and service-animal owners during major disasters.
AVMA fills lobbyist post
Washington, D.C. — The American Veterinary Medical Association hired John W. Sullivan III to advance the group's agenda in Washington.
More graduates pursue specialty studies
By Krista Schultz
National Report — One-third of 2006 veterinary graduates pursued specialty studies via internships, residencies or formal education programs, almost doubling participation from 10 years ago, according to a recent American Veterinary Medical Association poll.
ASPCA to help community groups improve animal welfare
By Krista Schultz
New York—The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is partnering with animal-welfare and community organizations in a nationwide effort to improve the quality of animal treatment and care.
NVMSA: an uphill battle
The National Veterinary Medical Services Act (NVMSA) emerges from an obscure initiative in 2001 to passing in both congressional chambers two years later. The act, which amounts to a student loan repayment for veterinarians practicing in underserved areas, takes shape with a 2005 funding allocation.
Rural vet crisis: USDA fends off critics
By Jennifer Fiala
Washington -- Proponents of an overdue national program to beef up veterinary medicine's presence in underserved, largely rural areas are pressuring its administrator -- USDA.
Court halts regulators' oversight of DVM drugs
By Jennifer Fiala
Jefferson City, Mo. — A Missouri Supreme Court ruling that exempts the retail sale of prescription veterinary drugs from the state pharmacy board's oversight has prompted a Senate bill calling for regulatory clarification.
AAHA drafts DVM referral guidelines
By Krista Schultz
Denver — The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) released draft guidelines regulating communication between veterinarians referring and those receiving patients and seeks industry response and collaboration to develop a final version for implementation.
Animal identification, tax trends flood state legislative landscape
By Jennifer Fiala
Schaumburg, Ill. — Hundreds of veterinary-related bills proposing everything from licensure tweaks to insurance mandates have the profession's watchdogs monitoring legislative introductions at a frantic pace.
ABKA issues standards
Colorado Springs, Colo.— The American Boarding Kennel Association released professional standards for dog daycare services.
Certification program gains accreditation
Alachua, Fla. –– A practice manager program through the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) earned accreditation from the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).
Pfizer makes $1.1-million deposit in canine cancer biospecimen bank
New York — Pfizer Animal Health donated $1.1 million to the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) to establish a national canine tumor biospecimen bank.
Veterinary group adopts conduct code
New Fairfield, Ct. — Focused on providing high quality, trustworthy veterinary medicine, Protect the Pets has recruited 32 DVMs nationwide who agree to uphold the group's code of conduct.
FDA warns of Salmonella contamination in cat food
Washington — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found Salmonella in a sample of Wild Kitty Cat Food's raw product, and makers of the product have voluntarily issued a recall.
Avian flu ID'd, imports to U.S. banned
By Krista Schultz
National Report — An avian influenza outbreak in Great Britain resulted in the deaths of more than 150,000 birds and prompted import restrictions in the United States, which continues to remain clear of the disease and focused on prevention.
UC-Davis collects $4.5 million to upgrade, expand
Davis, Calif. — The University of California-Davis (UC-Davis) is in line to receive $4.5 million this year from a bond act voters passed statewide in November.
WVC: Attendance down, program quality up
By Krista Schultz
Las Vegas — Continuing education and laboratory programs at the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) were a slam-dunk success despite National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star weekend crowds.
SB 195 modifies Missouri law relating to the licensing of pharmacists
When it comes to altering a regulatory agency's purview, lawmakers must give the go-ahead. Senate Bill 195 and its House companion seek to correct the omission of veterinary prescriptions from the state pharmacy board's authority.
Bayer launches uplink with schools
Shawnee Mission, Kan. — Bayer Animal Health entered an employer partnership with UpLink, which is described as a community hub connecting area companies with teachers and students who want to further their skills and knowledge in math, engineering, technology and science.
A state-by-state analysis of proposed laws targeting veterinary medicine
National Report — From Alabama to Wyoming, state legislatures opened 2007 with a flurry of bills potentially impacting veterinary medicine. With the help of the American Veterinary Medical Association, DVMNewsmagazine dusted off the bureaucratic minutia to offer this state-by-state analysis. It's anything but a clean bill of health.
Names in the news
Native Californian Dr. Diane R. Craig is the 2007 president of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA), an organization with 1,300 members. Craig is owner of Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tustin, Calif.
With skunks, use the hit-and-run approach
Pamered pooch: Enough to make a real dog growl
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
Serena is one of my favorite patients. She is a big, old country dog who came into this world two months after her mother — a dog of unknown ancestry – hooked up with her father, a dog of unknown whereabouts.
'What's this going to cost?' Answer with caution
By Gerald Snyder, VMD
Everybody loves detailed estimates. It's just that practices cannot afford them. The labor is just too costly.
Maintain a log to help protect assets
By Bob Ables
A furniture and equipment log can be a valuable tool for any veterinary practice. It can be maintained on a spreadsheet program, with columns for the date of purchase, description of the asset, purchase price, supplier and other pertinent information.
There was a time . . . before specialists
I have met many good surgeons like J.D. over the years. They are surgeons in the true sense and love their work. Yes, they are surgeons even if they are not board-certified, but they are a dying breed.
The dreaded tax audit: How to lower your risk
By Mark E. Battersby
For many years, the risk of a tax audit was barely on the radar for most veterinarians, but today the chances that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will flag a practitioner's tax return for an audit are noticeably greater.
Developing a vaccine strategy
By Michael H. Riegger, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
Who would have guessed that the great debate of this decade would focus on vaccine protocols?
The age of specialization
By David M. Lane, DVM, MS
Career 'journal' shows how a typical longtime practitioner could get caught unaware
Forget comfort zone: Do your homework before signing that deal
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
I am a strong believer in the adage, "the harder you work, the luckier you get." But old adages usually come with caveats. Perhaps a better expression might be, "the harder you work, the luckier you get unless you don't work smart."
Small Animal
Work to increase your brain power as you grow older
By Carl A. Osborne, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Can you rearrange the letters in "NEW DOOR" to form one word?.
Off with the crown?
By Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM
Editors Note: In a new series, DVM Newsmagazine asks experts within a variety of veterinary specialties to bust commonly held medical, business or professional myths. This month, we bite into dentistry.
Combination SSRIs/TCAs: Your guide to treating behavioral disorders
By Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, CAAB
These steps teach the troubled pet that you are reliable and trustworthy...
Surgical oncology and pathology for the private practitioner
By Kim L. Cronin, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM
Bone aspirates are becoming increasingly more useful in diagnosis of ... bone lesions. needed
The pulse on pacemakers
By Johnny D. Hoskins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Infections occur infrequently, but can be months after the implantation, from hematogenous spread.
Feline eye implants offer hope for humans
By Krista Schultz
Columbia, Mo. — A University of Missouri (MU) veterinary ophthalmologist hopes continued research and advancement in eye-implantation technology will one day end retinal blindness for companion animals and humans.
Confronting Grief
By Ed Kane, PhD
A veterinarian's relationship with the client should not end with the death of a companion animal.
Remembering Barbaro
By James M. Lewis
Kennett Square, Pa. -- Many patients leave caregivers with indelible memories, but none like this one.
Cast away
By Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM
For most adolescents it was a rite of passage. Signed and decorated by their friends, it was that itchy, white-plaster cast on his/her wrist, arm or ankle. It may have been acquired from a bike, skateboard or skiing mishap, a sports injury from football or hockey or just a fall on the ice.
Critical times, desperate measures
By Jennifer Fiala
Colebrook, N.H. — Carol Couture knows how to suture wounds. She keeps Banamine on hand and neighbors on speed dial who've pooled their resources to administer lay veterinary medical care.
The genetic puzzle
By Daniel R. Verdon
Costing some $15 million, researchers put the final piece of a scientific puzzle on the horse genome sequence that totalled 2.7 billion DNA base pairs.
Researchers aim for earlier detection of equine Cushing's disease
By Ed Kane, PhD
Excess cortisol may increase the risk of laminitis ...
Test availalble to screen racehorses for alcohol
National Report — State racing commissions now have the ability to screen for what once was only a whispered-about technique — using vodka injections to calm racehorses.
Malpractice prevention begins with awareness
By Jennifer Fiala
Pleasant Hill, Calif. — Veterinarians vulnerable to lawsuits and state board complaints must remain vigilant when it comes to liability in their practices, and graduates equally should beware the dangers of working in an unsound legal environment.
Reconstructing Twilight
A blood sample of Twilight, Cornell's research Thoroughbred gave geneticists the tools to begin charting the map.
Horse roundup to improve herd health, balance
By Krista Schultz
Las Vegas — More than 850 wild horses and burros were gathered from southern Nevada's Spring Mountains, thinning the densely populated herds, improving group balance in sex, age and condition and allowing nature to support the remaining animals.
The Barbaro effect
By James M. Lewis
Barbaro's eight-month stay at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's New Bolton Center had a dramatic effect on the work environment at the George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals and other school facilities.
DVM denies he injected racehorses with vodka
By Krista Schultz
Grand Island, Neb. — A state veterinary leader and trusted doctor challenges critics to "get both sides of the story" before drawing conclusions on charges that he injected vodka in horses before races — a practice rumored to soothe animal anxiety.
Food Animal
Disease plagues nation's swine population
By Jennifer Fiala
Ames, Iowa — A virus spreading among U.S. swine operations caused nearly three times the infection rates reported last year, inducing "devastating economic loss" for producers and calls for vigilance among veterinarians, Iowa State University (ISU) researchers say.
OVMA creates program to attract food animal interns
By Jack Advent
Columbus, Ohio — The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) plans to hand out $10,000 in grants this year to food animal practitioners who agree to host a student intern.
Safety techniques make a difference
By Charles E. Gardner, DVM, MBA, DABVP
I can still remember the feeling of the tractor-tire cleats thumping across my back as I fell onto the tire when my uncle unexpectedly swerved the tractor, traveling in high gear.
Blood work: revelations, limitations for cattle
By Christine Navarre, DVM, MS, DACVIM
Nutrition problems, and chronic parasitism should be ruled out first.
New Products
New products
Shawnee Mission, Kan. — The Food and Drug Administration approved two new topical products targeting fleas, heartworms and intestinal nematodes for both dogs and cats from Bayer Animal Health LLC.
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