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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Jun 1, 2009
The winner's circle
By James M. Lewis
Veterinarian's horse beats 50-1 odds to win this year's Kentucky Derby — then nearly repeats the performance at the Preakness.
Polo-horse deaths fuel controversy
By Christina Macejko
Wellington, Fla. — The death of 21 polo horses just prior to the start of the U.S. Open Polo match in April continues to unleash a flurry of questions without answers.
Choice veterinary jobs hard to find in tough economy
By Christina Macejko
As new veterinary graduates prepare to enter the work force this month, they are finding that jobs are not as plentiful as they had hoped.
AVMA dues hike averted — this year
By Christina Macejko
AVMA members will not pay higher dues next year, the Executive Board decided.
Flu scare could spur zoonotic research
By Rachael Whitcomb
Investigators may never confirm the source of H1N1, but the outbreak lead to more research dollars.
DVM auctions spay/neuter surgeries on eBay
By Christina Macejko
You can find anything on Ebay - even veterinary services.
AAFP releases senior-care guidelines on May 29
By Daniel R. Verdon
National Report — New Senior Care Guidelines, just released by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, address complex disease management, pre-emptive testing, nutrition and a host of other areas to help practitioners when treating senior care.
AVMA remains opposed to mandatory sterilization
By Christina Macejko
As more governments look to enforce mandatory sterilization, the AVMA is standing firm in its opposition to the programs.
DVM News Poll: What are your top 3 practice goals?
What are your top 3 practice goals?
FTC delays 'Red Flags Rule' enforcement
Washington — The Red Flags Rule will not go into effect until Aug. 1 to give creditors and financial institutions more time to develop and implement written identify-theft prevention programs.
Information is power when it comes to pet 'lemon' laws
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
There are new reasons to exercise care during initial examinations.
Ohio moves to collar pit-bull law
By Christina Macejko
Ohio wants to keep the breed from being labeled as inherently vicious.
Perspective: In memory of Dr. Janis Audin
By Carl A. Osborne, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
It is with great feeling that I pen memories about Dr. Janis Audin. To sum up all of her many wonderful attributes in two words: She cared.
Preparing for the worst
National Report — To better coordinate animal-rescue efforts during times of disaster, a decade-old "statement of understanding" between the AVMA, AVMF and the American Red Cross is now formalized.
Study warns veterinarians of Q fever risk
By Christina Macejko
National Report — More than 20 percent of veterinarians tested in 2006 showed evidence of past infection with Coxiella burnetii, the causative organism of Q fever.
VMRCVM plans 3-phase building program
By James M. Lewis
Blacksburg, Va. — The sights and sounds of heavy construction equipment will become part of campus life at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine as early as this fall.
Longtime JAVMA editor Audin dies
Schaumburg, Ill. — JAVMA Editor-in-Chief Janis H. Audin died April 22 following a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer.
Client taxonomy: common traits for many subspecies
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
It was during a visit to my friend Arnie's hospital that I learned of a fascinating new hobby that, strangely enough, is available only to veterinarians.
Lipstick on a pig? That would have been easier
Tattoos have become quite popular these days. At Texas Tech, where I teach about one student in three sports some kind of artwork.
Surgery STAT: Tie-over bandage: a solution for wounds in difficult locations
By John C. Chandler
The tie-over bandage is a simple, inexpensive, versatile bandage that has many applications in veterinary medicine.
Dentistry case study: an unusual gingival lesion
By Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM
This is the first article in a series of case presentations designed to address a variety of oral conditions and discuss the pathophysiology involved.
An economical way to manage fractures, luxations
My experience with using newspaper to make spica, meta and back splints spans more than 30 years.
Reviewing causes, treatment of feline lymphadenopathy
By Johnny D. Hoskins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Please review the various causes of abdominal lymphadenopathy in cats.
New graduates face a brave new world
By Gerald Snyder, VMD
Brace yourselves. Sometime this summer, coming to an area near you, will be the new graduate.
The new economic reality
By Michael H. Riegger, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
Get a grip on expenses.
Refeeding starved horses: Don't kill with kindness
By Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM
Recovery from malnutrition, starvation takes time, patience.
Meconium impaction in foals: clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment
By Michelle Henry Barton, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM
It's one of the most common causes of colic in the newborn foal.
Causes, incidence, treatment of pulmonary and systemic fungal infections in horses
By Ed Kane, PhD , Allison J. Stewart, BVSc, MS, DACVIM, DACVEEC
Pulmonary or systemic fungal infections in horses historically have resulted in a high mortality rate.
African horse sickness — preparing for 'what if'
By James M. Lewis
Current risk in U.S. is low, but pathways are present, expert says.
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