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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Aug 1, 2009
Budget Forecast: Gloomy with some bright spots
By Christina Macejko
Seattle -- AVMA treasurer projects $2.8 million loss this year, $90,000 profit in 2010.
Is cosmetic surgery unethical?
By Christina Macejko
AVMA's failed ear cropping resolution reignites the cosmetic surgery ethics debate.
Bill introduced to ease veterinarian shortage in public health, rural areas
By Christina Macejko
Washington — Legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would create a new Division of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health at the federal level and invest monies to help solve work-force shortages in government and food-animal markets.
From policy to politics — AVMA's other 'issues'
Fish-tossing protests aside, the docket for the AVMA this year was full.
House bill would ban some antibiotics for food animals
By Christina Macejko
A new federal bill seeks to ban some uses of antibiotics for food-animals because they are considered too important for human health.
Ohio considers livestock housing board
A ballot issue that would create a statewide board standardizing livestock housing is a step in the right direction.
Veterinarian is top amateur in cross-country bicycle race
By James M. Lewis
Wausau, Wis.— It took this 60-year—old veterinarian 11 days to ride 3,021 miles across the United States on a bicycle. He did it averaging two hours of sleep each night.
California Senate clears bill aimed at increasing number of DVMs
Sacramento — Legislators moved forward on a bill that would loosen its licensing practices to increase the number of veterinarians in the state.
California pays workers with IOUs
Sacramento — The fiscal crisis in California is so serious, the state issued IOUs to organizations relying on state funds to operate.
DVM News Poll: The competitive landscape
How would you rate your facility compared to others in the area?
Missouri scientists turn fibroblasts into stem cells
Columbia, Mo. — Scientists at the University of Missouri say they found a way to convert regular cells from a pig's connective tissue — called fibroblasts — into stem cells, with no cloning involved.
Ross University terminates terminal surgeries
St. Kitts, West Indies — Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine has joined a growing list of veterinary colleges, including those at Tufts and Oklahoma State that no longer perform terminal surgeries.
Recession to blame for unwanted horse problem
By James M. Lewis
The economy is the No. 1 reason for a dramatic increase in the number of unwanted horses.
CSU veterinary researchers examine new techniques to assess equine pain, back problems
By Ed Kane, PhD
Back problems are a common cause of poor performance in all horses — especially competitive horses, whose jumping ability may be diminished.
RMTC OKs initiatives on racehorse drug testing
In another step toward reform of the Thoroughbred racing industry, the RMTC approved new national standards for drug testing.
Veterinary care of carriage horses
By Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM
You are on a well-deserved vacation with your family. You thought you were taking a break from horses, but you look around anyway. There it is — a draft horse slowly pulling a loaded wagon full of tourists.
Angry cat presents a sticky problem
The cat's name was Whoops, and it fit the rascal perfectly. He arrived in a pet carrier and would hiss and slap at the cage door if anyone even looked in his direction.
Client taxonomy: Your field guide to identifying 3 more challenging subspecies
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
As you may recall from last month's column, my friend Arnie is America's foremost pioneer in the field of client categorization.
Emergency Care
Rapid, reliable lung-lobe removal using a modified Miller's knot
Reintroducing the "flashing" technique, also useful for wide vascular pedicles requiring ligation
Canine parvovirus: An update on variants
By Johnny D. Hoskins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
A review of what's happening with canine parvovirus in the United States.
Gallbladder mucoceles: Surgery still recommended due to risk of rupture
By Ronald Lyman, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM
In a recent publication (Walter, R., Dunn, M.E. et al. Nonsurgical resolution of gallbladder mucocele in two dogs. JAVMA, Vol 232, No. 11, June 1, 2008), the authors describe medical resolution of gallbladder mucoceles in two canine patients.
Surgery STAT: Tightrope CCL for treating canine cranial cruciate deficiency
By James L. Cook, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Treatment of cranial cruciate ligament deficiency is the most common surgical procedure performed in veterinary orthopedics.
Veterinary dentistry: an unusual gingival lesion and the approach to treatment
By Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM
When weighing the therapeutic options in treating this unusual gingival lesion, there are several considerations to explore.
Weighing the evidence: Is it a benign or malignant bone lesion?
By Allison Zwingenberger, DVM, DACVR, DECVDI
An owner brings an 8-year-old female, neutered Australian Shepherd with acute right forelimb lameness to your office.
In defense of the client's right to say No
By Michael A. McLaughlin, DVM
Read Dr. Michael A. McLaughlin's commentary on veterinarian-client relations.
Surviving in today's economic jungle
By Gerald Snyder, VMD
There's nothing unethical about trying to increase average client transactions.
Breaching a non-compete clause has consequences
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
Much more is at stake than enforceability; your career is at risk.
It's not business as usual
By Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM
If the slow economy has put a damper on business, use this time to step back and assess your practice.
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