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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Sep 1, 2012
Small Animal
3 steps to effective periodontal disease diagnosis
By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP
Visual examination, anesthetized probing and intraoral radiography can help you assess each patient’s level of disease.
Making sense of the veterinary treatment of Derby, Preakness winner I'll Have Another
By Ed Kane, PhD
Details behind racehorse controversy exposed.
The Jockey Club announces project to identify at-risk racehorses
By Ed Kane, PhD
In June, The Jockey Club announced plans to develop a statistics-based system that would notify track officials and regulatory veterinarians when a horse that has been entered in a race is facing a heightened risk of injury. The Jockey Club hired Tim Parkin, BSc, BVSc, PhD, DECVPH, MRCVS, University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine, to develop these at-risk protocols, based on the Equine Injury Database (EID). The project is expected to be complete in August 2012.
Senate hearing reveals the realities of doping in horse racing
By Ed Kane, PhD
Committee investigates whether a national set of standards for performance-enhancing medications is a possible solution.
Overview of equine skin diseases
By Ed Kane, PhD
How to spot when something goes wrong with this essential barrier to the outside world.
Mark Stetter settles into role as dean at CSU's College of Veterinary Medicine
Former Disney veterinarian hopes to grow Colorado State's efforts in teaching, research, service.
Molecular foot-and-mouth disease vaccine developed at Plum Island Animal Disease Center
USDA grants conditional license for vaccine that can be developed on U.S. mainland.
State of the Profession: A snapshot of veterinary practice, circa 2012
There may be lies, darn lies and statistics, but the study results here show enough positive trends for the profession to be hopeful.
Bound by debt: Veterinarians struggle with student loans in a tepid economy
By Heather Biele, DVM
Years after graduating, this Utah veterinarian is still in the grips of his student loan burden. But hope is on the horizon as he finally closes in on his dream of owning a practice.
Report proposes two options for Kansas National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility
National Research Council backs original plan but says downsized laboratory could be more efficient and cost-effective.
FTC seeks veterinarians' input on pet medication industry
Public workshop next month in Washington, D.C., will explore competition and consumer protection issues.
State of the Veterinary Profession 2012: Methodology
How the triennial State of the Profession survey was conducted.
Book draws parallels between veterinary, human medicine
By Andrea Hewitt, Assistant Content Specialist
Human cardiologist's research dovetails with goals of One Health.
Parasites developing widespread resistance to dewormers, researchers say
University of Georgia investigators warn of 'significant threat' to livestock industry.
Alabama spay-neuter bill dies quiet death
By Julie Scheidegger
HB 156 allowing veterinarians to work at nonprofit facilities never reaches final vote; issues between clinics and ASBVME may be far from over.
Pets and Vets: Sea turtle receives skull surgery and more
A sea turtle recovers from skull surgery in North Carolina and other state news from the world of animal health
Pet owners find lack of chicken jerky recall, FDA warning unacceptable
By Julie Scheidegger
A class action lawsuit is filed against manufacturers who maintain the products, made in China, are safe.
Imbalanced veterinary workforce highlights opportunities as well as challenges
By Julie Scheidegger
Veterinary workforce study's maldistribution findings put a spotlight on profession's economic difficulties.
Veterinary practice through the ages
By Ashley Barforoush, Associate Content Specialist
Three generations of veterinarians, builders and carpenters keep this Syracuse, N.Y., practice thriving.
Practice Survival: 5 mistakes your veterinary office receptionist is making on the phone
By Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM
Communicating effectively over the phone is just as important as in person. Here's how to make sure your veterinary team does it right.
The best dvm360 blog: The Affordable Health Care Act
What if veterinarians were part of the Affordable Care Act?
Letters to the Editor
Readers voice opinions on topics from nonprofit spay-neuter clinics to introverted veterinarians.
Featured Contributors
From Andy Roark: 6 tips for leaving your job
By Andrew Roark, DVM, MS
A smile (vs. a snarl) goes a long way toward keeping the bridges intact throughout your veterinary career.
Stampede: 'This one's on me'
By Bo Brock, DVM
Twenty-eight years of friendship takes a toll when the end is in sight.
Know the demographics before you buy a veterinary practice
By Gerald Snyder, VMD
The location of your veterinary practice means your business could sink or swim.
Where did I go wrong? Blockheads with bullhorns in veterinary waiting rooms
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
Luckily for veterinarians, they're glad to "educate" everyone in the waiting area.
Letter of the Law: Once bitten, twice shy – the best way for your veterinary clinic to handle pet restraint
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
Use these five legal guidelines at your veterinary practice in the daily effort to prevent a lawsuit while simultaneously protecting your staff and your wallet.
Market Watch: 5 steps to a stellar first impression with veterinary clients
By Michael Paul, DVM
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression with your veterinary clients – so you better do it well.
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