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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Aug 1, 2013
Ohio State satellite clinic upsets local veterinarians
By Julie Scheidegger
New suburban hospital offers 24-hour emergency care and specialty referral services.
The nose knows: Canine olfaction helps detect human ovarian cancer
By Ed Kane, PhD
Veterinary researchers at University of Pennsylvania Working Dogs Center hope to develop early screening test from dogs' ability.
Veterinarian sues Louisiana shelter for wrongful termination
By Julie Scheidegger
Cangelosi contends she was fired after blowing the whistle on illegal activities.
Veterinary schools take varied approaches to satellite clinics
By Julie Scheidegger
More universities are opening ?private practices? for additional revenue and cases.
Chickens in Arkansas test positive for avian influenza H7N7
By Julie Scheidegger
Entire flock at Tyson-supplier farm euthanized as precaution.
Aspiring veterinarians face funding shortfall in Arkansas
By Julie Scheidegger
In a state with no veterinary school, depletion of grant funds leaves nothing to offset out-of-state tuition costs.
Prophylactic resistance, feline disease top heartworm symposium agenda
Triennial meeting to be held in New Orleans will address the latest in diagnostics, disease management and more.
Piecing together the autism puzzle in veterinary practice
By Ashley Barforoush, Associate Content Specialist
Dr. Elizabeth Share?s autistic son made her a better veterinarian— and inspired her to raise autism awareness in her clinic.
Lone star tick continues to expand territory to the north, east
Carrier of infectious agents known to be aggressive biter, threat to pets and people.
Veterinary expert digs into drug allergies in pets
By Heather Biele, DVM
Researcher at University of Illinois focuses on nature and occurrence of allergic events, aims to increase awareness, training in veterinary schools.
Two new veterinary schools set to open in fall of 2014
Midwestern in Arizona, Lincoln Memorial in Tennessee receive pre-accreditation letters.
AVMA film trailer may be coming to a theater near you
The following preview has been approved for all audiences to promote veterinary medicine during the AVMA's 150th anniversary celebration.
AVMA task force proposes governance structure revamp
Report reveals changes to meet future needs of veterinarians and association.
Mass. State veterinary board head resigns amid controversy
By Andrea Hewitt, Assistant Content Specialist
Fox news station airs details about lawsuit, prompting state veterinary investigation.
Animal drug legislation reauthorized for another four years
User fee programs will continue to fund FDA to maintain efficient drug review process.
Veterinary sales tax expansion tabled in Ohio--for now
Ohio VMA has vocally opposed proposed tax, saying it would hurt economy further.
Pets and Vets: Veterinary and human doctor partner to treat burned horse
Skin graft techniques used in human medicine utilized in veterinary treatment of Northstar's wounds.
SLIDESHOW: Doctors partner to treat burned horse
Skin graft techniques used in human medicine utilized for Northstar?s wounds.
Recall covers all Natura brands out of contamination concern
Salmonella detected in single product.
Questions from the dental trenches: Anesthesia and extractions
By Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM
Get answers to your most commonly asked questions about two essential components of dental care in veterinary patients.
Helpful hints for the successful treatment of canine atopy
By Alice M. Jeromin, RPh, DVM, DACVD
These practice pearls may help alleviate some of the itch of this irritating condition in your veterinary patients.
Mastering the art of fecal concealment
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
These clients dutifully bring in their pet's stool samples to the veterinary clinic each visit—and help the packaging industry thrive.
From the trenches: "Hey, doc, my trailer full of horses just crashed into a house ... "
By Bo Brock, DVM
So that's why you're late? Hadn't heard that one at my veterinary clinic before.
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