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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Dec 1, 2013
Finding success in mixed animal practice
By Sarah Moser
Veterinarians with a heart for small-town life find big opportunities with mixed animal practice.
SLIDESHOW: Success in mixed animal practice
Veterinarians with a heart for small-town life find big opportunities with mixed-animal practice.
Elite military dogs find bombs, take down bad guys
By Ed Kane, PhD
Trainer Mike Ritland cultivates a unique combination of olfactory skill and hunt drive in special forces canines.
A new--naked--side of holistic veterinary medicine
By Ashley Barforoush, Associate Content Specialist
Veterinarians go au natural for integrative medicine.
SLIDESHOW: Holistic veterinarians bare all in calendar
Veterinarians go au naturel to bring attention to integrative medicine.
Tail vaccination may lead to better cancer treatment in cats
Dr. Julie Levy says one to 10 cats of every 10,000 develop cancer at vaccine injection site; new protocol is well--tolerated and effective.
New study confirms pet owners' concerns about veterinary care costs
Some are skipping basic, recommended treatments—and 76 percent of pet owners are getting their diagnoses from Dr. Google.
Partners for Healthy Pets announces growing membership
More than 3,500 veterinary practices have also joined PHP consumer campaign.
FDA proposes rule to hold pet food manufacturers to higher standard
Proposal said to be part of new proactive stance on foodborne illness prevention.
Fla. veterinary students learn practice management skills through new externship
Program considered 'essential' to students hoping to own a veterinary practice.
Nearly 600 U.S. pet deaths associated with Chinese jerky treats; cause is still elusive
Australian research blames unknown toxin; FDA encourages veterinarians to submit reports, data and urine samples from suspected cases.
Conference calls for collaboration between human and veterinary doctors
By Andrea Hewitt, Assistant Content Specialist
Organizers hope conference will encourage translational medical programs
Blizzard leaves thousands of cattle dead across western South Dakota
By Julie Scheidegger
Producers, veterinarians work through staggering herd loss and animal stress.
Recall of Bailey's Choice chicken jerky treats expanded
Georgia-based product may be contaminated with Salmonella.
Zoetis, AVMF to give 350 veterinary students $2,000 each
Scholarships aim to reward diversity and diverse career paths.
Bayer offers scholarships for effective client communication
Veterinary students could win $2,500; $5,000 goes to national winner.
A veterinary client gets chased—with his pants down
By Bo Brock, DVM
The first day of work can be hard. Or it can end with an obese man losing his trousers while he's getting chased by a cow.
Unwanted kitten distribution and other absurd veterinary client accusations
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
Dropping off kittens in the cover of darkness, dreaming up diabetes in a dog, changing the weather...yup, it's all in a day's work at a veterinary clinic.
Two protozoal parasites causing widespread equine disease, study finds
UC-Davis says Neospora hughesi, first identified in California, causing EPM in horses across the country along with Sarcocystis neurona.
The gonad chronicles part 1: Neutering's newest controversy
By Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, CAAB
Veterinarians and owners alike are troubled by a new study linking castration and ovariohysterectomy with an increased risk of disease—including some cancers. Should this study change the way we discuss and perform such common, recommended procedures?
Stem cell therapy in canine medicine
By Samuel P. Franklin, MS, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR
Interest in stem cells is high. However, despite commercial availability and multiple reports on use, there is still much to learn about the benefits and indications of such therapy in veterinary medicine.
Veterinarians can trust core vaccines for 3-year immunity
By Kristi Reimer, Editor, News Channel Director
Feline, canine products from reputable manufacturers induce reliable response, says UC-Davis immunologist.
Featured Contributors
Stories from the front lines of the war on veterinary debt: Part 2
By Jeremy Campfield, DVM
Veterinarian Tim Dickerson started with a 10-year plan and a monthly budget to tackle his $120K debt.
Divided we fall: Nonprofit facilities and for-profit veterinary clinics seem constantly at odds
By Michael Paul, DVM
If we can't get shelter-run medical facilities and for-profit practices to coexist, veterinarians will look bad and shelters will face mounting community pressures—but the biggest losers will be pets.
Writing the right veterinary records
By Marc Rosenberg, VMD
Detailed veterinary records are essential for responsible pet care (even if your relevant observations of the pet owners cause trouble).
Keeping up with noncompete clauses in veterinary employment contracts
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
Massachusetts, among other states, is looking to ban these controversial clauses you may find when signing on as an associate.
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