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DVM360 MAGAZINE, Jun 1, 2014
The rise of infectious disease
By Julie Scheidegger
Annual veterinary report on the state of pet health calls increases in FIV and Lyme disease 'staggering.'
Texas veterinarian accused of keeping dogs for experiments in 'deplorable' conditions
By Katie James
Dr. Millard Tierce suspected of animal cruelty after former employee notified clients their pet was not euthanized as agreed upon.
Visits may be down, but veterinary spending is going up
By Julie Scheidegger
Pet expenditures exceed expectations in 2013; forecasters expect more growth in 2014.
Dermatitis in dogs, cystitis in cats most common veterinary diagnoses two years running
VPI top veterinary conditions list shows common problems are costlier to treat.
No new veterinary program for University of Arizona—yet
State Senate votes against appropriations amendment to fund new state program.
Pet obesity numbers prove sedentary
By Julie Scheidegger
APOP to create veterinary coalition to combat client misperception in the face of super-obese pets.
Agriculture Secretary Vilsack orders federal response to PEDv
Federal assistance comes after political pressure and continued spread of deadly virus despite massive veterinary response.
Pets and Vets: Alaska university accused of failing to provide sufficient veterinary care to resident musk oxen
USDA alleges violations of the Animal Welfare Act after 12 musk oxen died at a university facility.
New novel pits local clinic against big veterinary chain
In Dog Gone, Back Soon, veterinarian and best-selling author Nick Trout brings second installment of Dr. Cyrus Mills' story to life.
Portia Stewart named Firstline editor, dvm360.com team channel director
Award-winning editor focuses on providing tools, insights for veterinary team members.
Eli Lilly to buy Novartis Animal Health, merge assets with Elanco
$5.4 billion deal to create one of the world's largest veterinary health companies.
Mars buys Iams, Eukanuba, Natura brands in expanding pet care portfolio
Procter & Gamble takes giant step out of pet food business for $2.9 billion cash.
Featured Contributors
Facebook fallout: Comments spark conflict between veterinarians
By Marc Rosenberg, VMD
After his employees made unsavory remarks about a neighboring veterinarian on his clinic's Facebook page, this practice owner faced accusations of unprofessional conduct.
Prosperity hinges on the veterinary client experience
By Michael Paul, DVM
With a growing number of veterinary provider options, sustaining relationships is more important than ever for retaining clients.
The veterinary brain, interrupted
By Michael H. Riegger, DVM, Dipl. ABVP
Interruptions kill productivity, making your brain work harder to cope. Try these 12 steps to increase your focus and enhance patient care at your veterinary clinic.
Worried about veterinary competition? Don't be unreasonable
By Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD
There's plenty of legal mumbo-jumbo out there to assertain what is a reasonable distance or period for veterinarians not to compete.
When it comes to veterinary 'emergencies,' severity is in the eye of the beholder
By Michael A. Obenski, DVM
A veterinary client's level of panic isn't necessarily equal with the level of trauma–big or small.
Veterinarians, don't let your horse trainer break her elbow...
By Bo Brock, DVM
Tuna fish, peanut butter, pregnancy symptoms, a gas-induced elbow fracture—sounds like the makings of one wild commercial.
Artifact or pathology? Interpreting intraoral radiographs correctly
By Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP
You see a possible lesion on a veterinary patient's dental film—here's how to tell if it's the real thing.
An overview of cutaneous mast cell tumors in dogs
By Steven Neihaus, DVM, DACVS
This common skin neoplasm may vary widely in its clinical appearance, but maintaining a consistent diagnostic and treatment approach offers the best chance for an optimal outcome.
Filling the nutrition gap: A veterinary order for supplemented stored forages
By Ed Kane, PhD
When horses can't graze on nutrient-rich grass, veterinarians may supplement with fat-soluble vitamins to preserving health and immunity.
Preserving immune function: Fat-soluble vitamins play a key role
By Ed Kane, PhD
Veterinarians should exercise caution to ensure supplements are provided at proper levels.
New veterinary guidelines: The latest in equine parasite control
By Ed Kane, PhD
Changes in parasite biology have inspired the AAEP to reevaluate its control protocols. The following summarizes its new guidelines and details practical recommendations veterinarians can implement.
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