Editors' Note: Words of wisdom


Editors' Note: Words of wisdom

Mar 01, 2005

Dr. Charles E. Short
What's the best advice you've ever received? As part of Veterinary Medicine's 100th anniversary celebration, we posed that question in interviews with several outstanding leaders in the veterinary profession. We also asked these leaders to look back at the changes they've seen in veterinary medicine during their careers and to look forward to advances they hope to see in the future. And while we were at it, we asked a few questions on the lighter side as well. (I hope you caught Dr. Charles E. Short's interview in January and Dr. Stephen J. Ettinger's last month. This month's interview is with Drs. Jerry and Nancy Jaax.)

We were delighted with these veterinarians' candid and often humorous responses. And we were inspired by their obvious devotion to the profession.

Dr. Stephen J. Ettinger
Members of our editorial and practitioner advisory boards helped get these interviews started by suggesting the names of veterinarians they consider leaders in the profession. And now we'd love to hear your suggestions. Is there a leader you'd like us to interview? Perhaps an admired teacher, mentor, or colleague? If so, please e-mail or fax me (
; 913-492-4157) the person's name and affiliation. We'll take it from there and publish an interview every month.

Drs. Jerry and Nancy Jaax
And in case you missed his interview, here's what Dr. Short said was the best advice he's ever received: "If someone makes you really mad, use the energy to achieve something good rather than to get even." True words of wisdom.