From the Editors: Veterinary Medicine wired


From the Editors: Veterinary Medicine wired

Jan 01, 2007

Margaret Rampey
Many of you have asked us to post Veterinary Medicine's full content online, so in 2007 we're happy to oblige. Beginning this month, you can read Veterinary Medicine both in print and online at

With Veterinary Medicine Digital, the online edition, you can turn pages, zoom in and out quickly, click on Web links, search by keyword, and e-mail and print articles. Plus, you can access archived digital issues on the Web site.

Even better, Veterinary Medicine Digital provides a great opportunity for us to offer multimedia features that address common and emerging diagnostic and therapeutic problems seen in everyday practice— Veterinary Medicine's continuing mission. Here's a sampling of the Web-exclusive content you'll find:

  • Informative videos, audio clips, and slide shows—with new features every month. In this month's videos, Dr. Wayne Rosenkrantz talks about the most common mistakes made in diagnosing and treating common dermatologic disorders, and Dr. Wayne L. Hunthausen tells you how to distract a puppy during examination and vaccination. And in an online bonus to her fascinating account in this month's Veterinary Voices department veterinary student Cristina M. Hansen, via slide show, takes you along on her caribou project in Arctic Alaska.
  • Peer-reviewed content from Vetstream, one of the world's largest Internet sources of veterinary information. In this month's digital issue, you'll learn the latest on how to manage Addison's disease from Veterinary Medicine editorial advisory board member Dr. David S. Bruyette. Other Vetstream features in this month's issue include information on tracheal collapse and mitral valve degeneration. More than 200 leading clinicians have provided or reviewed content for Vetstream; we're pleased to be affiliated with this online information source.

Turn to page 7 for a complete listing of January's digital extras. Then check out these bonus features by logging on to and clicking on Veterinary Medicine Digital. Read the issue cover to cover, and find links to the multimedia extras on the digital contents page or at the end of related articles.

And don't worry, you'll continue to receive the print version. Whether you're reading the journal in print or online or viewing a video or a Vetstream article, we hope you enjoy these additional opportunities to keep learning and improve patient care.