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Catterbox: A mew breakthrough

FIRSTLINE - Mar 14, 2018

The Catterbox cat collar promised to translate feline sounds into human speech. It did not, however, promise that every tomcat, Dick and Harry would get to use it.

An update on heartworm disease and HARD in cats

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 30, 2018

Dr. Ray Dillon shares why this ‘juvenile delinquent’ form of heartworm disease causes so much trouble in feline veterinary patients.

Cats, claws and commentaries

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 01, 2018

It’s easy to forget to be thoughtful in the noise of this debate.

Veterinarian killed in plane crash during Fetch dvm360

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 16, 2017

Dr. Mike Zareski and another passenger unable to escape light craft after it hits private home in San Diego County.

Researchers make breakthrough in feline infectious peritonitis trial

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 13, 2017

The study, funded by Morris Animal Foundation, saw patients go into remission after antiviral treatment.

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3 updates in feline anesthesia and analgesia


By Sheilah A. Robertson, BVMS (Hons), PhD, DACVA, DECVA, CVA, MRCVS

Veterinary medicine has come a long way in caring for its purring patients recently, including new drugs and a different approach to fluid therapy.

One thing you're getting wrong in feline thoracic imaging


By Rachel Pollard, DVM, PhD, DACVR

According to Dr. Pollard, a radiograph alone won't give you the answer you're looking for when you suspect a veterinary patient's heart is abnormal.

Meet the needs of hospitalized feline patients


By Sheilah A. Robertson, BVMS (Hons), PhD, DACVA, DECVA, CVA, MRCVS

Stress. How much are you focusing on this one of the five basic freedoms for cats in your care?

Feline medicine

Heartworm disease: What lies beneath


Dr. Stephen Jones takes us on a pictorial journey of the gross effects of heartworm infections in veterinary patients.

Client handout: Grab those kitten vaccines!

FIRSTLINE - Apr 16, 2018

Kittens need shots. Full stop. Start early with veterinary client education about their importance with this printable PDF.

The ups and downs of diabetic management

FIRSTLINE - Apr 13, 2018

Monitoring diabetic patients can be a rollercoaster for you and for pet owners. Here’s how to set the tracks for a smoother ride.

Letters to dvm360: Readers share thoughts on declawing

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 29, 2018

Three veterinarians make a case for onychectomy in certain circumstances.

dvm360 product report: Digestive aid, house call franchise, cat condos and more

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 22, 2018

Here's our regular rundown of new and notable veterinary products.

Feline practice management


FIRSTLINE - Apr 19, 2018

This business acronym is a crucial metric for every veterinary practice owner or manager.

Stop the progression to aggression

FIRSTLINE - Apr 10, 2018

Halt the bucking, tooth-baring, low-hissing madness in your veterinary practice. Here’s how.

‘Start with heart’: Sounds nice, but what does it mean?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Apr 04, 2018

I visited a wonderful human medicine practice that inspires me, and I came across the poster that inspires them. Their personable skills are easier to come by than you think.

Getting ghosted by veterinary applicants?

FIRSTLINE - Mar 20, 2018

Let's face it: You want potential employees to swipe right. Here's how to make your veterinary clinic more attractive when it comes to hiring and orientation.

Keep calm and carrier on with older cats

FIRSTLINE - Mar 19, 2018

These Fear Free cat carrier tips complement the low-stress measures you’re taking in your veterinary clinic.