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The state of feline pain control (and how it compares with canine)

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 01, 2015

This exclusive research from dvm360 shows that when pain management is optional, dogs are more likely to get it than cats.

How to steal your cat owners’ hearts

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 01, 2015

Don't keep your affection for cats a secret—let your feline flag fly in front of your veterinary clients.

Cutting-edge stem cell cures

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Oct 05, 2015

UC Davis’ Veterinary Institute of Regenerative Cures is working to develop new therapies for both humans and animals.

Interpreting feline vocalization patterns

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Apr 20, 2015

Learning to read the “feline dictionary” helps prevent injury, maintain human-animal bond.

Breaking: Cats use claws to knit

dvm360.com - Apr 01, 2015

Cats around the country take up pastime in passive-aggressive response to declaw procedures.

Feline videos

What if animals were 'The Walking Dead'?


By Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

If you feel like a zombie walking through the same parasite conversations with cat and dog owners in the veterinary exam room, this cat doctor has the cure: Have a little fun with it.

Cat got your tongue? 4 tips to talk to cat owners


By Jane E. Brunt, DVM

Confess: Do you stand behind the veterinary exam table and “blah, blah, blah, hairball, blah, blah blah, litter box" at clients? Jane Brunt, DVM, CATalyst Council Executive Director, offers the purrfect words to connect with cat owners. (P.S. There are kittens here. Playing. It’s really cute, we promise.)

Relaxation station: Create a pheromone station at your front desk


By Chris Reilly

Watch this 51-second video to see how a pheromone station can work to calm visiting cats at your veterinary clinic.

Feline medicine

Wait ... what just happened? Putting client misperception on blast


In this scenario, Ted and Bill are two very confused individuals with a cat that needs urgent dental care. How well does our doc communicate the problem? Find out now.

Dry-eyed at last: Nasolacrimal stenting procedure corrects a cat's tear duct obstruction

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 22, 2016

The pioneering technique from UC Davis keeps ducts permanently unobstructed.

Just Ask the Expert: Is dental varnish for osteoclastic lesions OK?


Dr. Jan Bellows offers advice for treating these painful lesions in elderly feline patients.

AVMA’s updated feral and free-roaming cats policy comes with emphasis on collaboration

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 14, 2016

As no consensus was reached after two years of discussion between groups on how to humanely reduce the populations of these cats, AVMA encourages more research.

Catching the light: An essential step when using laser pointers


Pay heed to this advice if you encourage this form of exercise in your feline patients.

Feline practice management

What’s in the (cat) box?

FIRSTLINE - Feb 02, 2016

Check out this feline-friendly, eco-friendly, budget-friendly approach to create a safe haven for visiting cats at your veterinary practice.

Wellness plans: A rescue story

FIRSTLINE - Dec 24, 2015

Second graders rescued Shingle the cat when he was stuck on top of their school's roof. And a wellness plan rescued these underprivileged students when they decided to adopt the cat and provide for his veterinary care.

"My cat won't eat that!"

FIRSTLINE - Dec 08, 2015

Train your veterinary team to tackle this common cat client question to find solutions for felines with picky palates.

Catify your feline exam rooms

FIRSTLINE - Dec 07, 2015

This veterinary practice created a cats-only exam room that's cat tested, cat approved. Check out these design features that are truly the cat's meow.

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