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The sixth stage of grief

Volume 3, Issue 3

Many pet loss support resources I've explored talk about the guilt as if it's something we can overcome by talking to ourselves rationally. It's no easier to overcome than the sadness we feel about our loss and should be expected as part of the grieving journey. Euthanasia is simply one more way we have to say goodbye.

There's an innocence to the ones we love who do not speak. There's a different kind of pain that comes from making the decision of life or death for them. I will always pray that I did the right thing for my Gatsby. I wasn't expecting the pain of my guilt. I can only hope that my story will help ease another's heavy heart.

Tiffany Christensen is a receptionist and bereavement coordinator at Cole Park Veterinary Hospital in Chapel Hill, N.C. Please send questions or comments to



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