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Forms: Client handouts

Client handout: How to habituate your cat to a carrier

May 1, 2014

Use this step-by-step guide to educate cat owners about how to help their cats adjust to a cat carrier for trips to the veterinarian.


Client handout: Parasite prevention for the indoor-only cat

April 1, 2014

Use this client handout to teach pet owners about the risks of parasites for indoor-only cats.


Sample veterinary financial policy

January 1, 2014

Use this sample financial policy as the basis to discuss and write your own financial policy at your practice to ease the strain of difficult money talks with clients.

Client handout: Managing a flea infestation

July 9, 2013

Use this client handout to help pet owners manage persistent parasite problems.

Managing your cat's diabetes

June 10, 2013

Create clear, personalized home care instructions for pet owners of diabetic cats.

7 myths about Lyme disease

May 8, 2013

Bust the common Lyme disease myths with this client handout.

Easy home modifications for painful pets

September 11, 2012

Client education handout to help team members educate pet owners about modifications they can make to improve their painful pet's quality of life.


What you need to know about your pet's pain

September 11, 2012

A client education form to educate pet owners about what they need to know about their painful pets.


Sample Advance Directive

August 7, 2012

Consider an advance directive for hospice patients or clients who request it.


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