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Resume crossword

October 1, 2013

Use this crossword to test your resume-building skills.

Sample scripts for team members

September 4, 2013

Use this list of sample scripts to improve your veterinary team's communication.

VHMA Files: Brainstorming veterinary client surveys

September 1, 2013

Use this discussion guide to brainstorm questions for your own veterinary client survey.

6 steps to transform your team

September 1, 2013

Ready to relieve your stress at work? Consider these stress busting, team building activities that we practice often at our clinic.

Veterinary coach/player agreement

September 1, 2013

Use this sample coach/player form to create specific shared goals.

Wanted: For disrupting your practice

September 1, 2013

Use these practice cases to rehearse challenging veterinary client conversations.

Poem: Can you put your phone away?

September 1, 2013

Post this poem in your veterinary practice to encourage veterinary team members to put away their cell phones.

How to complete a sample coach/player contract

September 1, 2013

Use this completed sample coach/player contract to understand how your veterinary coach can commit to your training.


Discussion guide: Gathering feedback

August 3, 2013

Use this training tool to solicit feedback from veterinary team members and share details of the practice's finances.


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