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Form: Choose your CE

October 1, 2013

Use this form to choose your next CE opportunity and make the most of it.

Veterinary practice poster: Can you put your phone away?

September 1, 2013

Use this free poster to remind veterinary team members to put away their cell phones during work hours.

Team tool: Sample veterinary coach/player agreement

September 1, 2013

An agreement between a veterinary coach and a player outlines your roles and creates specific shared goals.

Team tool: Practice challenging veterinary client conversations

September 1, 2013

Use these practice cases to rehearse challenging client conversations.


Veterinary client disability assistance checklist

August 3, 2013

Use these steps to make your practice more friendly for veterinary clients with disabilities.

Managing your cat's diabetes

June 10, 2013

Create clear, personalized home care instructions for pet owners of diabetic cats.

Team tool: Brainstorm bottleneck scenarios

June 10, 2013

Use this activity to help your team identify and overcome the areas where your service bottlenecks at your practice.


Tips to pitch your idea to your supervisor

June 10, 2013

Use this advice to help gain acceptance for your new idea at your veterinary practice.

Sample pregnancy counseling letter

May 8, 2013

Use this sample pregnancy counseling letter to educate pregnant team members in your practice.


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