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Weathering the recall

May 1, 2007

We talk about the bond between people and their pets every day, but the waves of phone calls your practice has fielded about the pet food recall are just one more demonstration of how much your clients really love their pets. The news about the recall seems to change with alarming regularity. Even now, your calls may have trickled down to nothing or another recall bombshell could be set to explode.


It's not your practice ...

April 1, 2007

Or is it? You don't need to own something to love it like your own. I love Degas, and yet I don't own a single painting. My husband and I have "our song," but we don't own the rights to it. It's simply something that we connect with and made our own. I don't own this magazine, but I'm passionate about every word, every piece of art, and every picture on the page.


We aim to please

March 1, 2007

In the words of Freddie Mercury, "This is what you wanted. This is what you're gonna get!" If it seems like this issue came a little sooner than you expected, you're right. You asked for more issues of Firstline, so this year we're boosting our frequency from six to nine issues.


"I love my job"

January 1, 2007

Believe it or not, I read this gem on the back of a beer bottle recently. (I've heard of reading tea leaves for wisdom, but this is the first time I've ever found insight in the brew of the grain.) This brewer says he tastes a sample from every batch of beer he makes to ensure it meets his high standards. What a job! This brewer is a pretty bright guy. He found a job he loves and he stands behind his work.


TLC: The best prescription

September 1, 2006

A few weeks ago my son was sick. After a few days of high fever, he stopped taking his bottle.


Declaw your service strategy

August 1, 2006

My husband's cat, Chelsea, is a gorgeous creature. She has long, silky fur you'd just love to sink your fingers into. She's also got a look in her round, yellow eyes that says, "Don't even try it buster." Like a Venus fly trap, she lures in our defenseless friends who can't resist the idea of sneaking in just one pet. She's eager to respond with a warning growl and a quick swipe that clearly says, "back off!"


Pick your new title

June 1, 2006

Let's say you could forget "receptionist" or "technician" and pick any title you wanted—something that really reflects your skills and goals. So you could be "chatty chief greeter in charge of great visits" or "superwoman for sensational care." Would you think about your job differently? What title would you choose for yourself?


Life happens to everyone

April 1, 2006

Business philosopher Jim Rohn, one of my favorite speakers, says that what happens in life happens to all of us. It's what you do with what happens to you that matters. On the upside, that means that when you think things couldn't get worse, the person you go to for advice will likely have faced something similar, or will know someone who has.


Putting hot tempers on ice

February 1, 2006

Sometimes I am just so completely right. And yet, the world doesn't notice. That's when it's hardest for me to stay cool under pressure. And that's when I'm most likely to blow it—and blow my top. Identify? And yet, these touchy moments are the times when I most need to find a way to stay calm, cool, and collected.


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