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W. Bradford Swift, DVM

Are you a coachable team player?
August 28, 2013

Ready to make game-changing plays in pets' health? You must start by opening yourself to messages from your coaches and practice leaders.

The key to veterinary clients' hearts (and bosses' too!)
January 1, 2013

Unlock your potential in the veterinary practice with communication that elevates the service you offer—and makes heartfelt connections with the clients you serve.

Are your pet owners straying to another veterinary practice?
July 1, 2012

You drove the lonely streets, wondering where they went. You watched for their cat or dog, their appreciative smile, their punctual friendliness. Don't give up. Don't just let your missing clients go—find out where they went, why they left, and maybe, just maybe, get them back.

A prescription for team building
July 1, 2007

Q A lot of negative tension flows through our practice, and it's undermining our work. How can I help our staff members come together as a team and stop criticizing each other?

Personal problems? Get the monkey off your back
April 1, 2006

Debt, relationship problems, illness--it can be hard to cope with the issues life throws at you. And sometimes pesky problems cling so tightly that they follow you to work. Here's how to shake loose.

Curb your boss's anger
December 1, 2005

The veterinarian I work for has anger-control problems. He can be verbally abusive to staff members and sometimes clients. What can I do?

Encouraging an open mind
August 1, 2005

My doctor doesn't like to change. How can I make him more open to new ideas and approaches?

When the doc's just not buying it
August 1, 2005

The practice owner won't invest in a piece of new equipment that I think we really need. How can I convince her to buy?

Why do your clients leave?
June 1, 1999

Every practice loses some clients. Here's how to find out if your client losses add up to a drop in the bucket or a hemorrhaging wound to your client base--and how to staunch the flow of pet owners leaving your hospital.


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