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Why others don't understand you and how to say it better
November 1, 2013

Do the words and phrases you use in the clinic clear the air or create new clouds of confusion? Consider this advice to form better bonds with veterinary clients and coworkers.

Surprise! How to deal with stress in your veterinary practice
May 1, 2011

As a veterinary team member, you expect the unexpected. Here's how to stay calm when dealing with stress.

Taking the lead
November 1, 2010

See how a little mentorship can make a big difference.

Don't judge me—or your clients
April 1, 2010

What you see is not always what you get. So don't assume an overweight person is unhealthy—or a ratty-looking client doesn't want the best for his pet.

What I wish I'd known
June 1, 2009

A practice manager charged into a new job with a legal pad and a menu of necessary improvements. After a successful stint, she ended up swallowing a heart helping of humility.

What a difference a word makes
September 1, 2008

Confirm vs. remind: It matters

More than words
January 1, 2008

An angry client taught me to probe deeper to uncover the real reason behind his seemingly unreasonable behavior.


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