Idea Exchange: Be prepared with premade flush syringes

May 01, 2008
By staff

As a third-year veterinary student, I have a rotation at a different veterinary facility every two weeks. On top of gaining veterinary experience, I have gathered some practical tips. One hospital has premade flush syringes—3-ml syringes with 22-ga needles filled with heparin or saline solution—for use in catheters. So no one is confused, each syringe is labeled F at the round end of the plunger. The flush syringes are stored in shallow baskets placed in several convenient locations. The premade flush syringes help ensure you don't forget to pull up some flush when you place catheters, and they make the process of placing catheters much faster.

Darlene O. Sanchez, Class of 2009
Pomona, Calif.