Idea Exchange: Cleaning up the world one carrier at a time

Feb 01, 2005
By staff

We have many clients who bring their pets in for appointments in carriers that are soiled. So while the owners and pets are in the exam room, we clean the carriers and mend the broken ones if we can. For example, if a carrier is missing a nut or fastener needed to hold the top and bottom of the carrier together, we simply thread a zip tie through the hole where the fastener would go, pull the loop tight (but make sure it's still moveable), cut off the excess tie, and adjust the loop so that the sharp end is under the lip of the carrier top and against the carrier bottom. If the top needs to come off, just cut the tie. It costs about $3 for 100 of the short zip ties, and clients love this quick and inexpensive fix.

Debbie Bess, office manager
Carson City, Nev.