Idea Exchange: Help cat owners hide pills when medicating cats

May 01, 2009
By staff

We all know that cats are difficult to pill. Here at Spring Mill Veterinary Hospital, we have our own method. We use nail trimmers to remove the tip portion of a 3-ml syringe. Then we pull the syringe plunger back and squeeze a bit of Felovite II (VĂ©toquinol) into the syringe. Then we hide the pill, tablet, or capsule in the Felovite II. We open the cat's mouth and quickly push the plunger to administer the pill and Felovite II orally. The syringe also prevents the cat from biting your finger. To help clients, when a cat is sent home with medication, we give the client syringes, Felovite II, and instructions. We always get good feedback from our clients after they've tried this technique at home.

Bree Dager, veterinary assistant
Malvern, Pa.