Idea Exchange: Recycled vaccine tray lids make organizing easy

Apr 01, 2013
By staff

With limited counter space for surgical prep and anesthetic drugs, we used to have a big jumble of syringes and catheters. Although we always labeled the syringes, it was confusing whether we were grabbing the right syringe for the right patient—so we came up with this great, no-cost idea. We reuse old vaccine tray lids and sort the appropriate syringes and catheters, corresponding to each patient's name, which is written on top of the tray in a dry-erase marker. After administration, the patient's name is wiped off and the tray is ready for the next patient. Not only are we better organized, it's also a good way to recycle these trays.

Sarah Pritchard, RVT
New Liskeard, ON