Idea Exchange: Reduce soiled bedding by using a plastic liner

Apr 01, 2008
By staff

Reduce soiled bedding by using a plastic liner

We keep the cages of our laterally recumbent patients heavily padded, but these patients are hard to keep dry and clean. Changing the entire bedding can be time-consuming, and it is costly to run laundry all day. So we cut a shower curtain liner to size and use it to separate the padding closest to the patient and the remaining layers of padding, thereby decreasing the amount of laundry and the time it takes to clean the soiled laundry. We still change the top layer frequently to keep the pet dry and clean, but the bottom padding layers stay dry and add extra cushioning. The shower curtain liners are reusable and cheap.

Dr. Karina B. Salvo
Valley Stream, N.Y.