Idea Exchange: Stay dry when bathing large dogs

Jul 01, 2005
By staff

When bathing my 90-lb dog, I start at its hind end. Typically, dogs get the urge to shake when they get water on their shoulders or heads, so starting at the hind end reduces shaking. I wet the rump, tail, and hindlimbs; spray with a shampoo; and scrub. Then I wet the middle section and spray and scrub. Then I do the same to the forelimbs, shoulders, neck, and, finally, head. I rinse in the same direction and save the head and shoulders for last—this gives me time to step back when my dog starts to shake. If someone is helping me, I have him or her hold the dog gently by the scruff. This helps control a dog's urge to shake, too.

Dr. Elizabeth Noyes
Williamsville, N.Y.