Idea Exchange: A syringe where you need it when you need it

Dec 01, 2007
By staff

We were constantly scrambling to find a syringe to inflate or deflate the cuffs of our endotracheal tubes, so we created this cuff blower-upper, which we nicknamed CBU, to keep track of the syringes. It is simple to make: Attach a piece of industrial Velcro® (Velcro Industries) to the barrel of a 12-ml syringe and attach another piece wherever you want the syringe. We have attached syringes to each of our anesthesia machines, above the sink in which we clean surgical instruments and endotracheal tubes, and beside the treatment table. This way a syringe is always within reach when we need it, and it never gets misplaced.

The support staff at Heartwood Animal Hospital
Youngsville, N.C.