Idea Exchange: Use rolled bath towels to restrain cranky dogs

Mar 01, 2009
By staff

For some dogs that do not want to be handled or that may bite, we twist a thick bath towel so that it resembles a long noodle. Holding an end in each hand, we let the towel hang, making a U. While the dog is leashed and standing, we hold the towel so that the dog's head slips between the ends. We then twist or hold the ends together so the dog cannot pull out—it looks like a fat doughnut around the dog's neck. Then we can pick up the dog and examine it without being bitten. This restraint method works especially well for short-muzzled or small- or medium-sized dogs that are hard to hold. In addition, this restraint appears to be comfortable for dogs, as they hardly ever resist. Owners also appreciate this gentle technique.

Kelly Pretasky, CVT
La Crescent, Minn.