Image Quiz: Ophthalmology—A close-up look at a leopard geckol

Aug 10, 2011
By staff

None is correct!

This gecko has no ocular abnormalities. Leopard geckos found in the wild usually have dark or slightly metallic-tinged irises. The less pigment present in their irises, the more prominent the iris vessels look. And since leopard geckos are naturally nocturnal, their eyes are more adapted for use at night. Thus, their pupils close into slits to prevent excessive light from entering their eyes in a bright environment.

Leopard geckos have eyelids, as shown in the photo, whereas other kinds of geckos have spectacles (eyelids fused into a transparent membrane), just like snakes. However, leopard geckos also suffer from ocular dysecdysis like other geckos and spectacled animals do. When the skin lining the inner and outer eyelids does not shed properly, it leads to accumulation of purulent and retained shedding on the ocular surface that, along with infection, can cause severe ocular problems if not diagnosed early.